About Scott

Liberation and freedom are things all humans desire. This is particularly true in context of spirituality. In my experiences, with religions, organisations and even educational settings. I found myself lost in systems of belief or culture norms. My aim as a writer is to discuss possibilities beyond these parameters. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and … Continue reading About Scott

Understanding ourselves better.

Often we are not mindful and get lost in tasks and life. We are just like robots mindlessly going through the motions. Ajahn Thiradhammo...talks here about unskilful habits. The first thing in understanding ourselves better is to spend time on our own. Not just daydreaming out a window or sleeping. As much as its nice … Continue reading Understanding ourselves better.

Meditation is not enough!

I think this article is worth sharing. It highlights a good point often overlooked. "The Buddha was like a doctor, treating the spiritual ills of the human race. The path of practice he taught was like a course of therapy for suffering hearts and minds. This way of understanding the Buddha and his teachings dates … Continue reading Meditation is not enough!

Don’t quit on yourselves!

“Consistency and perfection are both seriously overrated. In art and life, beauty is often woven into flaws. As Leonard Cohen says in his song “Anthem”: “Ring the bells that still can ring / Forget your perfect offering / There’s a crack, a crack, in everything / That’s how the light gets in.”Benner PhD, David G.. … Continue reading Don’t quit on yourselves!

A wonderful Buddhist post!

I spotted this and it resonated with me. I thought you might find it useful too. 'The conceptual mind might say: "I can't do it, it's too hard for me". But that's the talk of the ego getting scared, the talk of Mara, who is on the defensive, rattled by our progress on the path … Continue reading A wonderful Buddhist post!