My blog is purely for my enjoyment and a way of engaging with people all over the world. I am not selling anything and will never advertise on my blog. I do not generate any income from my blogging, it’s just about sharing my life and knowledge I have gained from my lived experience with poor mental health and my spiritual journey. Please feel free to comment and talk about whatever you like.

     I love reading all sorts of wisdom literature and here is an example of the vast difference between the eastern religions and western theistic  thinking – ‘

He compared Himself to a lotus born of mud but unsullied by muddy water; a human born in the world but not of the world. He never claimed that He was a Saviour or a Messiah or a Prophet or a Divine Messenger. But He in referring to His mission humbly asserted that He was only a ‘Path Revealer’

(maggakkh.yin), one who points out the way.

My formal education

  • Bachelors in Theology from the University of Divinity in Melbourne Divinity
  • Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Care from the University of Divinity.
  • Three Clinical Pastoral Education, ( CPE certificates) and one is advanced from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre here in Melbourne. Peter Mac, Awarded by ASACPEV


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