My blog is purely for my enjoyment and a way of engaging with people all over the world. I am not religious and do not belong to any religious organisations. I am not selling anything and will never advertise on my blog. I do not generate any income from my blogging, it’s just about sharing my life and knowledge I have gained from my lived experience with mental health and my spiritual journey. Please feel free to comment and talk about whatever you like.

     ‘You have to put what you’ve learned into your own experience and understand the results that various actions bring. A cup of tea is probably of more use than learned scholarship of a philosophy that cannot support your mind because you don’t have the key — at least it quenches your thirst. Studying a philosophy that doesn’t function is a waste of time and energy. I hope you understand what the word “spiritual” really means. It means to search for, to investigate, the true nature of the mind. There’s nothing spiritual outside. My rosary isn’t spiritual; my robes aren’t spiritual. Spiritual means the mind, and spiritual people are those who seek its nature. Through this, they come to understand the effects of their behaviour, the actions of their body, speech and mind. If you don’t understand the karmic results of what you think and do, there’s no way for you to become a spiritual person. Just knowing some religious philosophy isn’t enough to make you spiritual. To enter the spiritual path, you must begin to understand your own mental attitude and how your mind perceives things. If you’re all caught up in attachment to tiny atoms, your limited, craving mind will make it impossible for you to enjoy life’s pleasures. External energy is so incredibly limited that if you allow yourself to be bound by it, your mind itself will become just as limited. When your mind is narrow, small things easily agitate you. Make your mind an ocean. ‘

by Ven. Lama Thubten Yeshe

Edited by Nicholas Ribush

My formal education

  • Bachelors in Theology from the University of Divinity in Melbourne Divinity
  • Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Care from the University of Divinity.
  • Three Clinical Pastoral Education, ( CPE certificates) and one is advanced from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre here in Melbourne. Peter Mac, Awarded by ASACPEV

I am presently doing my Masters in Applied Buddhism at the Nan Tien Institute in NSW Australia. Nan Tien



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