What is spiritual/ pastoral care and what is a good definition of spirituality?

I have been studying and researching spirituality for years now. The best definition of spirituality in my searching and thinking is this.

What is Spiritual?

“Here’s what is spiritual:  Ethics, aesthetics, love, compassion, creativity, music, altruism, generosity, forgiveness, spontaneity, emergent phenomena, consciousness itself, and any other aspect of reality not subject to empirical verification or measurement.

Many scientists are also spiritual: they understand that the scientific method is appropriate for describing regularities in the natural world, but not for understanding all of the reality. Those aspects of reality that cannot be reduced to publicly observable and verifiable behaviour we call spiritual.”images

Michael Lerner  – you can see him here, he is Jewish, however, I am not  Michael Lerner

I also have offered spiritual care to the dying and ill and this guy writing and insights are wonderful.

People who participate in pastoral care recognise a transcendent dimension to life. They realise that there is more to life than often meets the eye. They have an awareness that power, grace and goodness are often not found in the obvious places. They recognise that there is a mysteriousness about life, which is not reducible to sociological, psychological or physiological analyses and explanations, important though these be.

Lartey, Emmanuel Y. In Living Color: An Intercultural Approach to Pastoral Care and Counseling Second Edition (Practical Theology) (p. 26). Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Kindle Edition.   Read more here about Lartey

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