Unusual literature that may not be contemporary but has anything really Changed?

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I have been reading this book “Awareness: The key to living in a balance” Facainating read and well worth the effort if you find some time.

OSHO has so much in his book to ponder on if you are willing to remain open-minded and willing to consider eastern thoughts. For example below. The positive thinking movent has swept across the west like wildfire for many years and literally, thousands of book on the subject have been written and people have made lots of money from the industry. I have been sceptical about the movement and the concepts for many years. I struggled to articulate my concerns with it but Osho has helped me below.

Oshos’s opinion about the “positive thinking movement” “is that is is more harmful than good.Why? because we are denying the reality and we are also dishonest to ourselves. According to Osho, the philosophy of ” positive thinking” means being untruthful and dishonest to ourselves. It also means seeing a certain thing and still denying its existence. It means deceiving yourself and those around us”

I understand for many in the west Osho’s ideas are complete nonsense when considering modern psychology and other scientific research. However, Osho is not really bothered about our research or our analytical minds endless or searching for answers. He says things in very plain language and speaks from a “Spiritually awakened state” according to his claims. He had some radical teaching and would be frowned on by many orthodox religions and humanitarians.

So do we wipe people off like Osho ” as crazy Gurus and radicals full of non-sense or do we read their literature and gain some wisdom and use our wisdom in what we learn from him? I like to think we can all broaden our reading if we interested in spirituality outside our faith traditions. I personally enjoyed reading this book, do I agree with him on all his ethical ideas in life? no, however, this does not affect my interest in his spiritual teachings. For example, I find the teaching below profound.

“So we talk about the conscious mind – a very fragile thing, a very small part of your being. Behind the conscious is the subconscious mind – vague, you can hear its whispering but you cannot figure it out. It is always there behind the conscious, pulling its strings. The third is the unconscious mind, which you come across only in your dreams or when you take drugs. Then, the collective unconscious mind. You come across it only when you go into a deep inquiry into your conscious mind; then you come across the collective unconscious. And if you go still further, deeper you will come to the cosmic unconscious. The cosmic unconscious is nature. The collective unconscious is the whole of humanity that has lived up to now; it is part of you. The unconscious is your individual unconscious that society has repressed in you, that has not been allowed expression. Hence is comes by the back door in the night, in your dreams.”

I think the other thing to consider these authors teach come from a completely different mindset to us in the west and this is extremely hard for many of us including me to break free from.

“The whole Eastern methodology can be reduced to one word: witnessing. And the whole Western methodology can be reduced to one thing: analyzing. Analyzing, you go around and round. Witnessing, you simply get out of the circle. “

To sum things up I would not have even considered reading this book five years ago. I now look for things on spirituality that I may have avoided years ago and try to read it with objectivity and appreciation. All too often I have put God and wisdom literature in a nice tidy box that fits into my ideological worldview. The other trap for me is labelling teaching as new Age, Or Buddhist etc and not even consider the gems that may be hidden in some literature for me. There are wisdom and gems outside my traditionally Australian contemporary and Christian theology. MY understanding is God does not mind me learning about a variety of spiritual practices and thoughts from all over the world.




Are hard work and sweat with high goals our ultimate purpose in life?

I have had some big goals and worked extremely hard in my life at different times and in different ways. I am not convinced that any of it added much happiness to my life. You might well ask if had your goals wrong and did not work smart? That’s always a consideration but one will never really know exactly what the true answer is. For example, life is always changing and so are we. Considering this we may change our worldviews by the time the goal is achieved and it has less value. Some of the eastern or Buddhist thinking on this is fascinating and well worth reading. Hard work and sweat

The author that I discovered, and who wrote this lovely thought above was Lama Surya Das. This Lama has an American Jewish background and submerged himself in Tibetan monasteries in the 70s and 80s. His book “Awaking The Buddha Within” is directed at the western hemisphere. His hope was to show his western brothers and sisters the wonderful things he had learnt and discovered from his years of teaching and enjoyment in Tibet.

There is a lot said about hard work and also being economically savvy these days in the west. I am not sure if the balance is anything like  “Right Effort”  demonstrated in Australia where I live. I think it is being overemphasised in my opinion.  The stress and poor mental health that is becoming more apparent in our younger people is a visible sign of things need to be rethought and our teaching is in need of an overhaul.

Nice meditation


Then close your eyes. Take a rest.
Drop all the day’s tension, activities, and memories.
Rest peacefully.
Rest in the light.
Rest your weary heart and mind, body and soul.
Gaze into your shimmering dark light behind your eyelids.
To illumine your mind, visualize a shining white letter A,
there before your eyes,
glowing like a luminous full moon.
Concentrate on that white light. Focus on it.
Dissolve gradually into that light.
Enter the inner light, and spontaneously awaken in the perfectly luminous,  clear, dream light.
Know everything is like a dream.
Let it go as it goes
and be as it is,
in the natural Great Perfection,
the radiant light.
of the natural mind.

–  Lama Surya Das