What is my IQ, furthermore should I care?

Mental deficiency used to be divided into the following sub-classifications, but these labels began to be abused by the public and are now largely obsolete: Borderline Deficiency (IQ 70-80), Moron (IQ 50-69), Imbecile (IQ 20-49) and Idiot (below 20).

Next time we call someone an idiot or moron we should consider what we really are saying based on the IQ measurements.  I am of average intelligence apparently according to this $20.00 test I completed with full PDF overview and certificate.Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 8.26.21 am  I know from life that knowledge does not mean much without experience. Furthermore, intelligence is of no use unless it is used in real-world circumstances.

My tertiary or university studies would fall under humanities apparently ( we all know Wiki is accurate :))))

The philosopher Plato – a Roman copy of a work by Silanion for the Academia in Athens (c. 370 BC) Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of humansociety and culture. In the renaissance, the term contrasted with divinity and referred to what is now called classics, the main area of secular study in universities at the time. Today, the humanities are more frequently contrasted with natural, and sometimes social, sciences as well as professional training.[1] The humanities use methods that are primarily critical, or speculative, and have a significant historical element[2]—as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural sciences,[2] yet, unlike the sciences, it has no central discipline.[3] The humanities include ancient and modern languagesliteraturephilosophygeographyhistoryreligion,[4]art and musicology.

I get the sense, based on my Australian experiences, in our technological age, high intelligence is assumed and admired within science disciplines and consequently, university courses that lead to high paid employment. My studies, not surprisingly have influenced a more simplistic lifestyle. Admittedly my low income and lack of interest in economics in general made this an inevitability. My life has not been influenced generally by social engineering or neo-liberal economics. I read this article yesterday
I was researching and journaling my number one value openmindedness. My latest inward work has been concerning my values and openmindedness is at the top out of ten top values.  There are many benefits of being open-minded and this is a favourite
Letting go of control. When you open your mind, you free yourself from having to be in complete control of your thoughts. You allow yourself to experience new ideas and thoughts and you challenge the beliefs you currently have. It can be very liberating to look at the world through an open mind.
I believe my openmindedness and my  IQ is partially a result of the last ten years of study. I was a disturbed child and a high school drop out ( considered an idiot by many for sure). Furthermore, have no high paying job or obtained any measurable or noticeable wealth directly from my last decade of education. Some many may consider I have been misusing my time. Possible wasting it away in books and universities, studying old theological and philosophical disciplines that have no application in a modern world. My latest challenge is a  Masters in Applied Buddhism, it has no direct career path other than personal interest, ( mind you I sense a profound desire to investigate and participate) and opens my mind more to eastern thought and culture.
Unquestionably, in my evaluation of the last ten years, the personal growth is immeasurable;  including the gained wisdom and tools to help me navigate this magnificent planet, full of diverse and extraordinary people, this has developed immensely. Furthermore, the study and reading have added a level of sophistication and depth to my life that is impossible to document here in this short blog.
Remembering this is from a guy with average intelligence and more than likely missed a turn or two on the road or misunderstood the purpose. Conceivably some may have assumed because of my average intelligence and possibly my troubling Bipolar type 1 at times that I have never understood the meaning of life at all. I do appreciate one thing about life that is clear, we have to understand and love ourselves and intelligence has little to do with that.
This quote is an old favourite and some of you might like to steal it too.

Our worth

“I grew up believing that our worth is defined by our achievements, our usefulness to others and society. That we are inherently worthless but can earn worthiness by gaining qualifications, wealth, popularity, and success. And that we are only deserving of love and friendship if we sacrifice ourselves to please others. But I was wrong because the truth is that we are worth personified. Worth isn’t the result of our actions, accomplishments, and possessions; it isn’t increased by self-sacrifice. It is the essence of our being, the foundation of our existence. And it is our task to remember. To let go of our society’s misunderstanding and wake up to the exquisite value and deservedness that is inherent to all of us. To realize our infinite worth that does not depend on any outside factors. We are worth. And as long as we treat others with respect and kindness we will always be good enough to deserve their love—without sacrificing our happiness, damaging our bodies, and betraying our values.”

~Berni Sewell

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