Do you have great compassion for yourself and others?

“Loving kindness see being equally and identifies with their happiness and their unhappiness. It has great compassion to remove their unhappiness and great love to bring more happiness.” – Thubten Cyatso

I have lots of PDFs and Ebook publications from Buddhist writings. I acquired all this wonderful resource while doing the first unit of my MA in Applied Buddhism. I have felt a bit flat the last day or so and I decided to read some of this literature. This reading which started a 5am this morning inspired this blog.

What do you do when life is getting tough or things are confusing?

Thubten Cyasto – ‘The path of wisdom the opposite of confusion of not knowing reality. The wisdom sees conditions as things are impermanent, that they change moment by moment. Since birth, we have in our minds the misconception that we are permanent, that we will last forever. ‘

This misconception is devasting to many of us, including me. The clinging to things external to us and assume things will stay happy for the rest of our lives or chasing the mythical perfect love. We can experience love and happiness, I do in a wonderful way. However, let us not forget that our suffering is constantly at our door and things we hold and cherish will fade and disappear.

Lifes growth, however you understand this, is hard at times looking back can even be worse. The things we overcome should make us more compassionate and understanding of others. Seeing all people equal is a challenge for people in affluent societies, still its a necessity. Also seeing us as all connected, may not appeal to many but we are in the grand scheme.

Often all of us including me think life is useless and what is the point. We should disregard this out of our minds as quickly as possible. Thoughts like this are of no use and cause paralysis metaphorically in our minds. We need to keep learning about our suffering and the cause of it. We need to embrace all of life’s experience whether pleasant and unpleasant and learn from them.

I live in Australia, and the adverting here is all about achieving happiness. Buy this car, have this holiday etc.; all this will add happiness to your life. Happiness like suffering is temporary in terms of a lifespan.  What do we do when it ends? How do we process failing love or separations and loss of income or even worse unemployment?

These questions are not easy to answer here in a short sentence, however, our therapist’s counsellor is doing a great business and let not forget the breweries. Plenty of options for escapement from reality in Austraila.  Sadly, our adolescence indulges in drugs and mindless hours of gaming; these two among many are all ways to avoid the pain of life instead of looking into suffering and learning.

Wisdom and Ethics

   I found this diagram helpful in understanding a better approach to life-based on the Buddhist teaching around the Dharma. Samadhi is conscious meditation. So, we have ways of dealing with the reality that will set us free from this endless cycle of confusion and hiding from the sadness. Meditation and looking after ourselves are are a great start in facing the world. Facing the world and being honest about our fears is a difficult step.

” Thubten Cyasto – ‘Nothing can guarantee that our jobs, our material possessions can stay forever. They are always impermanent. Comming and going. Because we grasp at them to be permanent we suffer so much.”

A great analogy or metaphor I read was this – we are like children playing outside and laughing and running and enjoying the moment. Then mum says, ” Come inside now” We start to cry and feel sad and get frustrated and angry because we thought it would never end.  Are we all like children at times?

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