Is beauty really skin deep?

In a world of mostly superficial nonsense. What does a beautiful woman or handsome man do when it all starts to fade? What do any of us do when our body sags and  the inevitability of aging shows. It can seem hopeless as we get older to find beauty in our physical appearance anymore. Then once you go outside you can see all the young beautiful people everywhere reminding us of the days gone past.

For some it fitness, nutrition and beauty products. Others it’s just a fact of life and some completely let themselves go. For me, life is always about having a balanced approach. I like to exercise, eat well and use some moisturising creams and cover-up in the sun if I am going to be exposed for over 30 minutes. I am not overly worried about aging in terms of my appearance. My major interest in aging is keeping my mind active and never giving up on the idea of having a beautiful mind. The writing below is a section of a PDF its only 128 pages, fascinating read and very helpful if you would like to read all of it I can email.

“Thubten Gyatso (born Adrian Feldmann) is an  Australian monk and was ordained by Lama Thubten Yeshe in the 1970s and was one of the first Westerners to become a monk in the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. He is a Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition veteran who has been instrumental in establishing a number of Dharma centres in FranceTaiwanAustralia, and Mongolia.[1]

Born in Melbourne in 1943, Adrian Feldmann graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in medicine. After practising medicine in Australia and overseas, he travelled for several years through Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, eventually finding his way to a Tibetan monastery in Nepal. After much study and soul-searching, he became ordained as the Buddhist monk, Venerable Thubten Gyatso. Since then he has run a free medical practice in Nepal, taught Buddhism and meditation in Nepal and in France, establishing monasteries in France and in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.[2] ”   Wiki

Our Minds are not Limited.

‘There is, however, no limitations in enhancing the beauty of our minds. And the most beautiful mental qualities are loving kindness, compassion, wisdom and patience.All of the virtuous minds, the mind which cherishes others. Although we cannot see it with our eyes, we can feel it with our hearts, when we are with someone. There is no reason why any of us cannot develop this inner beauty. And it does not cost anything. You know, we do not have to by all these magic pills. A lot of us think that alcohol can make us like that, and other drugs too. We actually crave that ability. I think one of the things that we like about alchol is that its does reduce our inhibitions, in some ways, maybe it does give us the ability to be more friendly. But of course, it is at a cost. And also, it is a transient state of mind that is associated with confusion. We want to be more friendly and we drink more alcohol. The sometimes our anger starts and our hold on emotions becomes unstable. We should be aware that taking physical substances effects the mind and there is a danger of becoming addicted to the substance and losing control. It is artificial. But sincere loving kindness and compassion, cultivates in our minds and combined with wisdom and by following the Path, is progressive.”

Thubten Gyatso

2 thoughts on “Is beauty really skin deep?

  1. That’s a very fascinating topic and you are the one who enlightened this topic..
    I think time is a great enemy besiegeing the youths bow . Digging wrinkle tranches on the face. If you are getting older you can’t do anything with that at some point of your life .. At that time no makeup no surgery works .. Haha
    But what i do believe is that your soul will never ever get older if you would be happy or in the company of those peep’s who makes you happy and makes you can earn anything in life but happiness is something what you can’t pay to earn . Because laughing is the best therapy it raises blood level in your body .and makes you feel happier and younger.. Keep away or eliminate toxic peep’s from your life.. In that way you will feel better more energetic or happier.

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