Success, mental illness and illusions.

Found this on LinkedIn

Sometimes I see pictures on social media that grab my attention. This particular picture was on LinkedIn. It got be thinking about achievements and victories.

People all have dreams and oftentimes, they are utopian ideas on how they would like life to be. Me included over the years, especially in my 30s I dreamed of having a successful business and getting off the tools. I had a painting and decorating business and I was going well generally speaking.

We all know in life if we don’t practice things, however and whatever it maybe we just don’t improve. The pictures shows how many times we fail unbeknown to others before we may enjoy the satisfaction of success.

I know success means different things to people! We all see the world through different lenses and therefore hope and dream for different things.

In terms of mental health. I can only speak from my lived experience I have oftentimes spent so much energy on racing thoughts and sleeplessness That it required so much energy that all to often it distracted and hampered my ability to stay focused and practice whatever it was I was trying to accomplish.

This picture is another great find that is highlighting the conundrum I often faced with undiagnosed mental illness. So much energy wasted wondering what is going on in my mind space and why emotionally I lose control at times.

Stress and emotional pain are exhausting because they are exasperated due to the weakened Mental state I lived in mostly. My emotional intelligence and spirituality was immature. This is the reality of a troubling mind. You approach things already exhausted and defeated all to often. My relationships traditionally became all dysfunctional generally. It’s just a life of survival and getting through another day.

Of course once diagnosed I had something to work on. However, like all training it took sometime till I gained any proficiency. For me I was told at forty about my mental illness. It’s taken ten years of hard work to achieve my idea of success.

All my regular blog followers know I am fond of the Buddhist thought and tradition. This is a monk talking on mental health.

All mental problems come from the mind. We have to treat the mind rather than tell people,“Oh, you’re unhappy because you’re feeling weak. What you need is a powerful new car…” or some other kind of material possession. Telling people to go buy something to be happy is not wise advice. The person’s basic problem is mental dissatisfaction, not a lack of material possessions. When it comes to the approach to mental problems and how to treat patients, there’s a big difference between Lord Buddha’s psychology and that which is practiced in the West.

Ven Thubten Teshe

More from the same monk Ven Thubten Yeshe

Of course, I don’t mean all this literally. I’m simply trying to illustrate how people try to solve mental problems through physical means.

Recognize the nature of your mind. As human beings, we always seek satisfaction. By knowing the nature of the mind, we can satisfy ourselves internally; perhaps even eternally. But you must realize the nature of your own mind. We see the sense world so clearly, but we’re completely blind to our internal world, where the constant functioning of misconceptions keeps us under the control of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. This is what we must discover.

We all know there is no simple formulation to success. No elevator, we all take the stairs. It’s practice and keep practicing at whatever, you feel you need to do in order to achieve your success in life. Scott ❤️🧘‍♂️☕️

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