A well – developed mind is not easily controlled by passions

“Mind is trained by concentration, which leads to one – pointedness of the mind and mental purification, and by contemplation, which leads to understanding of things as they truly are. The ultimate goal of a Buddhist is achieved by these stages of mental development. As physical exercise is to the body, so is meditation to the mind” P. 16 The Dhammapada

We all including me have our daily struggles. Life is a interesting journey and all to often we get obsessed over aspects and start to see ourselves and our journey through a metaphorical key hole. People also often read religion texts through certain cultural lenses and become uncomfortable when others understand them differently from my observations.

The west has certainly taken hold of mindfulness and non spiritual meditations techniques. Especially in therapeutic environments in context of mental health. I know from experiences. I also have experienced spiritual meditation and mindfulness practices from ancient traditions like Theravada Buddhists who have used for hundreds of years And taught ” Vipassana – which by definition is cultivation of mindfulness or awareness ” this is a form of mental training that is gentle and takes years and gradually it grows. ” the Pali term for insight meditation is Vipassana” excellent read and free publication is ” Mindfulness In Plain English ” Venerable H. Gunaratan Mahathers.

I am far from a meditation teacher or have any have skills worth mentioning. Nevertheless even with my basic knowledge and novice practice I have experienced significant results. The mind is a busy place and my mind in particular often has a degree of difficulty due to bipolar disorder. I also have struggled with recovering PTSD.

Still, my point today is no matter where you think you are at you can start training your mind to be stronger.

We all can improve our thoughts and become better versions of ourselves. One moment at a time. I understand hopelessness and failure it’s real and debilitating. However, nobody will come and uncluttered our thoughts we are responsible for that. We can pray we can meditate, we can even use our will and intellect but ultimately we are responsible for every thought and how we process it.

The beautiful thing about life is every day we wake we and get a fresh start and can improve our lives. Let’s all make the effort to train ourselves to be more mindful and caring about what we think.

Scott πŸ™β€οΈ

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