Modern life and the conundrum of recollection, contemplation and breathing.

I was born in 1968 and life certainly has changed from my school days. It’s almost impossible to imagine how we managed back then without all our time saving innovations. However, it’s also sad to see people struggling to mange life in 2018 with more time saving devices than ever before.

I know time is always the same it’s just our perceptions of it changes at different stages of our lives. For example anyone who has had young children knows time seems to fly and days blur into months and before you know it they are at school. However, life has seasons too and as you age time becomes more of a commodity and rushing around is a distant memory.

The Buddhist have some fascinating thoughts about how we perceive the out side world. “We create and entire world out of what we experience, and we end up living in that world. The world as we actually know it, isn’t actually out there; it’s in our heads.”

Ajahan Yatiko

Sounds a bit simple. However, looking back on my life and what I created in my head makes this statement true and yes, undeniable it’s a complicated life and survival is tough at times. This does not minimise our responsibility to consider what we created in our minds.

A great personal example; when gained over 10 kilos…don’t laugh, I asked my ex wife if she had shrunk the towels in the wash. I honestly believed the towels got smaller. How could I not see my large belly and the obesity road I was heading down?

We easy believe what story our mind tells us. How to see the truth and face reality? Clearly stop blaming our experiences and external world all the time! So, limited time and busy are things we created and things we can balance with wholesome and life giving thoughts.

My reading this morning, you may find it helpful too.

It’s amazing how simple breathing exercise and long walks can get us focused on the truth and what we really value in life. For me even sitting on my meditation cushion can lower my anxiety and slow me down. I was told by a monk a while ago to “meditate when I am happy.” His English is not so good. It has taken a couple months to understand what he meant but I understand his lesson now.

Love this word “metta” and I sincerely wish this for all of you 🙏❤️

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