Relaxation, rebuilding and enjoy life as a gift.

Relaxing down the coast after the week of hiking. Took this picture this morning with my phone. Beautiful coast down here near the Otway Rangers. I have been laying around reading mostly and thoroughly enjoying this guys book.

The necessary inner task does not consist in ’doing’ anything whatever, but in ’undoing’

something, in undoing all the illusory egotistical beliefs which keep tightly closed the lid of the ’third eye’

Herbert Benoit

Reading eating and just letting my body repair and stabilise after the 60 kilometres I hiked in 4 days. It’s nice to have no agenda other than to see how the day goes. More from Benoit

Search not for the truth ; only cease to cherish opinions.

Herbert Benoit

So, many including me at times have had an obsession about finding the ultimate Truth. I guess we hope it will finally end our misery or make sense of our suffering. In reality life is our Truth.


We’re like the fish that is swimming about, looking for the great ocean of life, yet oblivious to its surroundings. Like the fish, we wonder about the meaning of life, not awake to the water all around us and the ocean that we are. The fish finally meet a teacher who understands. The fish asked, ”What is the great ocean?” And the teacher simply laughed. Why? The ocean was its life. Separate a fish from water and there no life for the fish. Likewise, if we separate ourselves from life, which is what we see, hear, touch, smell, and so on, we have lost touch with what we are.

Charlotte Joko Beck

How much energy I have used in searching. In reality now at 50 I am beginning to understand myself better. My only place of peace and true home is within myself. Geographical locations has little to do with our sense of comfort within our own skin. In other words you do not need to go to some exotic land and find a temple, monastery or gura. You may because of the experience. However, this is different than having expectations about finding peace in your heart, external to your self.

Big difference being differentiated and being separate

Charlotte Joko Beck

Duality and feelings of being separated are terrible. We are different but suffer the commonalities of emotional pain and illnesses. Connecting with ourselves, helps us feel more connected to everything. This in increases our comparison for ourselves and everyone and thing around us.

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