Being yourself and droping falsehoods!

I can only speak from my experience, however, I am convinced that men are more likely than women to pretend they have altogether. Especially in a crisis or situations that involve deep emotions.

It is like a man separated from light by a wall and who cannot touch his wall without making it higher and higher, but a day comes when all the absurd efforts that have built up the wall to such a height that it becomes unsteady and collapse suddenly, a catastrophe that is final and triumphant, and which leaves the man bathed in the light.

Herbert Benoit

I also know what it feels like to live in pain and suffering emotionally, and physically. It’s lonely and can become a very dark place if you sink into it. Men, we need to reach out and be honest about our weaknesses. It’s ok to cry and it ok to say I cannot cope as well as I once did. I am not talking about being a victim of just whining about life. I am talking about transparency with the people who love us and have our best interest at heart. So many turn to comfort in unwholesome things, this Includes me. I have experienced the liberty in transparency and honesty in explaining how you really feel. Life is a difficult thing to navigate at the times and emotions are complex. Consequently, it’s easy to be task-oriented and driven by doing.

There comes a time in my experience, when we need to stop doing and consider just being. This may include time alone and space to regroup. No shame in resting and reducing responsible for your health and well-being.

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