Breaking the cycles and building stronger lives.

I choose not to drink or smoke and live on a plant-based diet which is rather radical in comparison to my family. I have been like this for many years now and do not consider myself superior on any level.

My plant-based diet is based on my understanding and convictions with my spirituality. Books like

And others have changed me at the core. My misunderstand about real compassion and equality for all living things changed one day and forever. Non-drinking is also a spiritual decision, however, it’s also not wise to drink with bipolar in my opinion. Poor mental health and prescription medications don’t mix. Meditation, mindfulness and concentration don’t improve with alcoholic beverages. I personally can see no benefits from consuming alcohol. My preference does not hold any judgement on those who enjoy there wine etc, I can sit in social environments with people consuming steak and wine without feeling and discomfort. Ultimately, each person has there own way and karma, to deal with.

People who seek real change often just change geographical things and get completely disheartened. Below from for the book ”After Buddism” highlights my point.

To “leave home for homelessness” to become a wandering mendicant therefore means to relinquish a particular way of relating to one’s home or place rather than actually repudiating them. How many idealistic young men (like my younger self) have left behind their family and homeland in a grand display of renunciation to become a monk in a foreign land only to find that they have transferred all their delight and revelling in a place to something more exotic? To detest one place only to delight in another does not, from Gotama’s point of view, solve anything. Without a genuine change of heart in one’s core relationship to life itself, pursuing a “spiritual” vocation will be a waste of time.

Stephen Batchelor

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. Over our lifetime we try many things to help us grow and feel happiness. Often it’s short-lived or not what we imagined it to be.

I personally think if you cannot find peace where you are excluding abuse and comprised safety concerns you will not discover it someplace elsewhere. It takes time to understand, accept and love ourselves in depth. Often I have found in the busy technological world this seems impossible for people. Leaving a mobile phone home for a week would nearly cause some people a panic attack. No noise at all for a week is unimaginable for some. Yet, the same people dream of peace in there hearts. The same people wonder why sleeping is difficult and why they have no spare time. I am speaking from my experience of course and also understand peace is achieved by simply sitting on a meditation cushion and starting to view reality for what it really is!

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