Is your reality indifferent?

Sometimes in life, we all feel targeted in our health, wealth or relationships. We might not verbally say this is out loud, ”unfair or maybe, why does God or gods, even karma allow this to happen to me?”after all I have been doing all the right things! I am a good person and do not deserve this!

If you focus on emotional hurts you will continue to suffer. However, if you focus on your lessons in the situation you will continue to grow. Growth still hurts but eventually, you move on and the emotional pain has disappeared.

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Being indifferent to life’s circumstances does not mean you won’t feel the pain. It means you become more of an observer and not so reactionary. You allow your mind to settle in the discomfort. This might sound fundamentally simple, however, it is not easy.

The necessary inner task does not consist in ’doing’ anything whatever, but in ’undoing’

Herbert Benoit

What are we undoing, old habits? Thoughts that have been habitual for many years. Thoughts like, ”this always happens to me” or ”nobody cares anymore” we all have thousands of thoughts every day. We listen to them as though they are true and belong to us.

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We are very complex and should never assume anything. Especially that our thought is an accurate depiction of reality. How often, if you are like me, have seen relational scenarios, completely different after being convinced you understood situations.

Things like meditation, breathing exercises, walking and being honest with ourselves, especially in terms of reality. We have to accept things for what they are and work with that. Working and accepting current circumstances instead of wishing or comparing, or even worse blaming will change nothing. It only makes today miserable and unproductive. Of course, I am speaking from lived experience and mine is more complex at times due to mental illness, below is a nice guide on how to speak to friend and family with mental illness or challenges.

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