Church verse universe, the universe verse church

My context is organised religious places of worship failing to address the issues concerning reality.

Our inner growth seems to bump up against this –

’that which we love, to which we are attached, is never the obstacle; the obstacle is only in the false identification of the loved image with reality, the obstacle lies only in ignorance’

Herbert Benoit

Monotheism: my many years involved with a variety of Protestant churches and para Christian organizations was clearly a large part of my life and learning and of course my theological studies expanded this. Why am I no longer involved? Am I just another angry or disgruntled Christian guy?

No, and I certainly cannot disregard all the learning I enjoyed. So, am I still calling myself Christian? No, this would not be a truthful statement about me.

Do I still belief in Christ? of course. Do I still attend services like Easter or Christmas? No, my interest in Christianity as a whole and the church has diminished. My understanding of myself has changed and the Christian churches are not my thing. Do I believe in heaven and hell and the devil as fundamentally taught through the Christian churches? No, I consider these notions unintellectual and drastically oversimplification of a highly complex universe. I also know plenty of Christians would agree.

My issues with looking to a God up there out there for help and solving problems had serious flaws in it for me.

1. God has to be in everything, and everything in Him to make any sense to me.

2. Scripture seen as ultimate Truth is a misinterpretation of there uses.

3. Claiming people are born broken and need help as in salvation is back to front.

4. Churches claiming authority on earth makes no sense.

5. Images of Christ and mimicking behaviour are unrealistic and problematic on so many levels.

6. Baptising children and religious schooling is a subtle form of brainwashing and could be classified as abuse if we are honest.

6. Claiming the Christian religion has the ultimate truth is an ultimate stretch of the imagination.

7. Given chronological the timeline with great religious leaders like Christ. What could we ever truly say in confidence is accurate.

8. Monotheism has caused more problems than we can fathom.

9. God solving life issues for us when God gave us life as a gift is the ultimate conundrum.

10. Making certain places holy is the being of all catastrophic human conflicts.

These thoughts are just my concerns about the biggest and most taught religion throughout the world. A great example of how it failed in epic proportions is the indigenous tribes through Australian. Watch ”Utopia” and many other factual accounts of indigenous trauma committed by the white Christian community.

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