The balanced life, the ”Middle Way”

’They are basically two desires in the mind: one is the desire to get something, which has the energy of moving forward; the other is the desire to get rid of something, not wanting to deal with it, which has the energy of pushing away. ’

Luang Por Pasanno

For you reader unfamiliar with the ”Middle Way” train of thought. It’s Buddhist teaching, principal and certainly an ideal they aspire to live too. Good old Wiki will help you get a basic understanding

A simple schematic of the Dharma (Buddha’s teaching ) below and you will see the self-developed path or traditional named Eightfold Path.

Was given this as part of my Introduction to M.A Applied Buddhism

How does this middle way look for the average person? Well, I am your average Australia guy, generally speaking. So, it’s about not living and voicing extremely unbalanced opinions. Consequently, continuously wanting things and running away from tough decisions. Maybe that troubled job or relationship has been pushed back in the to hard basket. Possibly a terrible marriage that needs attention or ending. Maybe children taking advantage of your generosity and kindness. The other side maybe you have expected so much from people and always want more than your share. So many aspects of our lives get out of balance and if you are anything like me, the unbalanced things create anxiety and worry.

calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.


“she accepted both the good and the bad with equanimity”

My first blog for 2019 is about balance and keeping our heads together, let’s kick off the year with the intention to look at our lives and meditate more especially in times of confusion. We are all capable of finding our Buddha nature and calmly and mindfully making skilful choices based on balance and compassion.

Happy New Year and may this year bring much happiness and peace to you! 🙏

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