Comfortable with uncertainty.

When we are out of touch with our awareness of uncertainty, needless stress and suffering can occur. Take, for instance, the way it feels to express some view that we later learn is wrong. If we ask ourselves what it feels like when we express something wrong, we might say it feels awful, embarrassing, or uncomfortable. But actually, that is not really true. At the time that we are speaking, if we don’t know that we are wrong, then it feels just the same as when we are right because at the point we think we are correct and believe that we have said is true. As soon as we learn of our mistake, however, we likely will feel embarrassed – but only if at the time we expressed our view, we hadn’t been open to the real possibility that our view might be wrong in the first place.

Luand Por Pasanno

I am sure you as the reader you can relate to Luang Por Pasanno as much as it resonated with me.

In a World with so much information at our fingertips, we often talk about things like experts or authorities on particular topics. When in reality we may have Googled it or read a book. It’s an epidemic on a global portion. Epidemic of know it all’s. People on social media platforms promoting themselves as authorities on insurmountable topics. Of course, there is truth in what they say, however, there is some truth in most things even radical fundamentalism has some truth.

Panna – Using Wisdom;

He lives his life with wisdom and acts with reason: he does not react impulsively to incidents he encounters or gets carried away by temptation; he studies things to know them clearly and penetrate to their reason; he understands things as they really are, too (realizing) the highest truth.

P.A Payutto

I have spent many years as a student in tertiary institutions and have read so many nonfiction books I have lost count. I am still studying masters at 50 and reading even more. However, I can say with confidence I am more uncertain about what I know than ever. I am certain about one thing and that life is for living and people are to be loved.

“Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking”


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