Training, nutrition and spiritual practice at 50.


Most of my followers and even family don’t know my training and diet. Moreover, my spiritual practice, (is a mystery to most) is ongoing but has some helpful fundamentals that anyone could follow and benefit from practising.

  • Over the next few weeks, I am going to go into great detail about my training methods. These methods have enabled me to lose over 12 kilograms in a year. Not forgetting that I have two degenerative discs and shoulder issues, arthritis in my big two. I am stronger enough to do chin-ups and a variety of another challenging exercise despite the complex health issues. Consequently, my hypertension medication has reduced down to the smallest dose and blood pressure has stabilized. Much more detail and specifics will shed light on this.
  • The next thing and most import is weight management and wellbeing is nutrition. Many would know I am Vegan and have been for a few years now. However, what does a healthy Vegan diet look like and what are the misconceptions and poor advice? Why it is easy to gain weight on a plant-based diet? Why don’t I drink alcohol? So many nutrition books and weight loss diets, however, I do not diet or subscribe to rapid weight loss, why?
  • Finally, spiritual practice, what the hell does this mean? In actuality, what has religion, spirituality, got to do with well being? I have bipolar 1, what are is the impact, complications and real danger of implementing and religious or so-called spiritual practice have? Mental health and resilience, are they possibly with meditation and mindfulness? Do prayer and monotheistic religious beliefs help?

There are many people much younger than me struggling with these issues. Clearly, they are common to all human beings. My story and methods are from my lived experiences over many years. We live in a world with endless information about any topic and many self-proclaimed experts… I am a regular Aussies guy who has gained wisdom from experience and education, tertiary and reading. I know one thing for sure quitting does not work and feeling sorry for yourself solves nothing. Blaming religious institutions or family, friends, and work only creates more obstacles. A major key to living is to stop complaining and craving more.

Please don’t be shy, ask any questions and all comments are welcome to.

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