Why do we blog?

277. “All conditioned things are impermanent” — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering. This is the path to purification.

Dhp XX  PTS: Dhp 273-289
Maggavagga: The Path, translated from the Pali by 
Acharya Buddharakkhita

Perhaps, it’s the relentless change that consequently drives documenting and discussing our thoughts.

Possibly, it’s boredom, or a burning desire to complete something? Most of us are in occupation or situations that never have an end or feelings of satisfaction that come from completion. The example I was a tram drive once, same routes, same ground hog day.

Perhaps, you are lonely, lost, disappointment or just plain fed up?

Possibly, it’s about ego, you want to be known as an author?

Perhaps, you want to help your fellow man?

Perchance, you are unwell and feel sharing helps?

Theses questions are endless, for me, it’s a simple as writing offers healing and also it is very therapeutic on so many points. Yes, I too want to be an author, mostly because of my love of writing, but why not spend my life doing what I love?

The thing to remember when writing, we are subject to “impermanence” you never know what you wake up to, if you wake up, or how you will feel! Thus the questions of why become of great significance. Even well know authors get forgotten about and if you are anything like me, all too often blogs that you put more energy into often get less interest.

And then, can you write on bad days, or do you quit if nobody is offering accolades. Great example, I have written a couple of chapters in my script. I set it out on LinkedIn, considering I have over eight professionals and some authors to tell me what they think? Well, the link to the chapter was my blog, of course, and I offered a nice little spiel to entice. Not one went to the page, I can tell from my statistics page as you bloggers know.

What were my expectations, I didn’t have any, I keep creating my writing and making it public.

1. It’s important to keep things real

2. It demonstrates how tough the industry is.

3. Must not listen to friends and family always because they induce a bias.

4. Face reality and discover how to deal with the truth.

5. See your audience better

6. Vulnerability’s and often humiliation can be our greatest opportunities to mature and learn.

7. Even awareful experiences off so much, including trolls.

8. Writing can appeal to the introvert, like me, as I have aged. And then I need to communicate with the world more.

9. We have to break through the fear

10. Stops unnecessary negative mind chatter.

If Christian undertones don’t bother of Buddhism in a lot of my readings and writing. This guy is a Christian author who writes about my other passion spiritual care. This quote from his book speak into my point.

He observes, on the other hand, that one can turn oneself into a pure spectator. The risk here is that the totum simul will appear as a pure spectacle, even a spectacle without meaning. The meaning in the improvisation is only available when one is actively engaged with it, when one participates in `the creative intention that quickens the whole’.’ For the spectator, there is a rift between him and the totum simul, and more seriously, within himself.

The Art of Listening: Dialogue, Shame and Pastoral Care.

Neil Pembroke

Regardless of the constant challenge in life, if you truly like to write, don’t stop!

Plenty of things will serve as obstacles and discouragement. You will alway find someone better of more gifted. Remember it’s only perception and plenty of successes stories started poor and extremely slow, and late in life. Share your gifts and encourage others. Life is tough, and finding meaning and hope for some almost impossible. You might be the motivation or the comfort.

More Buddhist literature that I found Helpful


The overcoming of these defilements must still be done with same old virtue, concentration, wisdom, faith and effort. How can this be kept far away and long ago from us? It cannot. We will all be able to go beyond suffering by rectifying the situation at right spot and in right way. Expose whatever is cloaking the heart by focusing with wisdom and mindfulness on whatever is dark and obscure, taking that spot as target for investigation

” To The Last Breath”


Venerable Acharn Kor Khao-suan-luang

5 thoughts on “Why do we blog?

  1. Hi, i did mine, because i wanted to start something from zero and to see the progress, to share my passion and hobbies with people which ones can be helpful for everyone😏

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