Strength training, 50 and beyond.

Here you can see me using a Hex Trap Bar. Awesome exercise and when used properly offers so much.

I focus a lot on dead lifts and squats, multiple joint exercisers are the best way to get stronger and burn calories. I have a coach, who is always watching my form. I have two degenerative discs, so form is everything.

Chin-ups, push-ups and burpees, are all great exercise. Spending all you time messing around on dumber bell curled and cable exercise is not very productive in terms of growth and development. You need to get some guidance from a excellent coach before jumping it on the big multi joint exercise, known as compound exercises. Of course this is only my opinion.

  • Yes, doing isolation exercises gives you a good pump. But, there is a difference between getting pumped and building big muscles.
  • And, that is, no matter how good the pump is it will fade away within couple of hours. On the other hand, muscles are permanent.
  • And, you certainly don’t want just to get pumped!
  • On the other hand, compound exercises won’t help you get pumped, but they will make sure that you build muscles faster.’

I also do slow joking and walking together on average 11 kilometres, plus add a stair case run too, five reps and 20 push-ups at the top twice a week. This two day strength training and two slow jog and walk is offering great benefits.

I walk everyday, and stretch well, use a roller and infrared sauna. I like massages but they are expensive and a luxury item, not necessarily important to my training.

If you are starting out, I cannot emphasise enough get a good coach. Find one who has great reputations. Don’t go with the type who just smash you week in week out. I have used these types and it ended in injures. Use the technical coach, who is interested more in form and correcting postural issues.

Lots of nonsense, be careful. No short cut to genuine lasting gains. The old saying ‘no lift, you need to take the stairs’ patience and persistence. Remembering if you to heavy, it’s 90% diet and clean eating is a gradual skill not a crash diet. Never believe any long term benefits come from intense deprivation of food or unsustainable exercises plan. Start slow and change thing forever. Blessings and peace Scott 🙏

Comfortable with uncertainty.

‘When we are out of touch with our awareness of uncertainty, needless stress and suffering can occur. Take, for instance, the way it feels to express some view that we later learn is wrong. If we ask ourselves what it feels like when we express something wrong, we might say it feels awful, embarrassing, or uncomfortable. But actually, that is not really true. At the time that we are speaking, if we don’t know that we are wrong, then it feels just the same as when we are right because at the point we think we are correct and believe that we have said is true. As soon as we learn of our mistake, however, we likely will feel embarrassed – but only if at the time we expressed our view, we hadn’t been open to the real possibility that our view might be wrong in the first place.’

Luang Por Pasanno.

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