50 followers, are accolades and perceptions of popularity good for us ?

If you are a genuine reader and supporter I salute you!

However, if you are a person just collecting likes piss off, yep, leave my blog.

Sounds harsh, however I am not a sales marketing person. I don’t advertise on my blog because it slows it down and also, only desperados would even bothers.

My reason to blog and my writing is primarily motivated to sharing thoughts, knowledge and lifestyle skills. Consequently, to helps my fellow humans with my small contributions. My country is earth and everyone are my brothers and sisters. We are all connected and share the common human conditions. Ie we all suffer and all need a hand to navigate this thing called reality! This means me, just as much as you!

So to my authentic follower and regular conversationalist I thank you for your ongoing blogs and stimulating interactions. To all the people just wanting attention or craving accolades I offer some advice. Turn you electronic device off and spend more time on your own and find your true worth and authentic self! Considering meditation of course!

As the lotus

is unsmeared by water & mud,

so the sage, an exponent of peace, without greed, is unsmeared

by sensuality & the world.

Sutta Nipata 4.9

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