About me

Just in case you don’t know me 😁☕️🙏

Liberate yourselves.

I enjoy writing and blogging, consequently, my blog allows a space to enjoy this. I was raised in Tasmania and live in Ocean Grove, Melbourne, Australia. I love reading, hiking, strength training, and some surfing. My spiritual practice, i.e. meditation, study, intentional living are often things I like writing about. I am a Vegan, non drinking or smoking person. My favourite thing to relax with is reading and I mostly enjoy nonfiction. I am fifty years old and have learned to live with and manage well Bipolar 1, L4 and L5 degenerative discs. I come from a non religious folk. My spiritual / religious journey started twenty five years ago. I do not call myself Christian, although predominantly my tertiary education was in a specialised Christian university. I am a member of the Buddhist Society of Victoria. I also am fond of staying Buddhist Forest monasteries here in Victoria. The…

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