Why do we blog?

Worth posting again !

Liberate Yourselves

277.“All conditioned things are impermanent” — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering. This is the path to purification.

Dhp XX PTS:Dhp 273-289

Maggavagga: The Path, translated from the Pali by

Acharya Buddharakkhita

Perhaps, it’s the relentless change that consequently drives documenting and discussing our thoughts.

Possibly, it’s boredom, or a burning desire to complete something? Most of us are in occupation or situations that never have an end or feelings of satisfaction that come from completion. The example I was a tram drive once, same routes, same ground hog day.

Perhaps, you are lonely, lost, disappointment or just plain fed up?

Possibly, it’s about ego, you want to be known as an author?

Perhaps, you want to help your fellow man?

Perchance, you are unwell and feel sharing helps?

Theses questions are endless, for me, it’s a simple as writing offers…

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