What do we really know about anything…..?

My reflection today:

If we actually stop and think how much we know… we soon realise we know a bit about one particular thing and know a lot about our pet subjects.

If we really think honestly and it think over. We soon realize we know very little. It’s astonishing how little the science world know about our universe and how much of our planet is still a mystery in terms of ecosystems etc.

The human mind is the most mysterious organ in us and where our thoughts go, loosely speaking, that’s where we go. Its ability and its malfunctioning is still in infancy in terms of scientific discovery in comparison to other organs like our hearts.

So much wonder and mystery still untapped in us and our planet and cosmos. It’s right to consider this when you angry at someone who is wrong in your opinion…. Or living life in a manner that makes no sense to you.

The lifestyle doesn’t always make sense, however, it does not necessarily mean it’s wrong. Remember the old saying

‘ Those who are wondering around, are not always lost’

Plenty of people living unconventional lifestyles to some, make perfect sense to another.

I always remind myself that:

My country is earth, I am citizen of the world, all livings things have a right to live in peace.

Below is a ” Ugly truth ” to some, however, to the wise it’s bright wisdom

The world is without shelter and protection. This is the first expounding of Dhamma…

The World is not one’s own; one must pass away leaving everything; this is the third expounding of Dhamma…

The world is deficient, unsatisfied, a slave of craving; this is the forth expounding of the Dhamma.

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