How to rebuild from “ Dark days of the soul?”

Some people believe that we have dark days of the soul.

What they are saying is at certain points in time everything has collapsed, health, wealth and relationships.

These times can shape us or destroy us!

From my experiences it’s a dark place and lonely. You really have to dig deep and believe in your abilities to rebuild. Often it seems impossible and plenty of friends, family and others will reinforce this hopelessness with flippant comments…often lacking emphatically wisdom.

My tips on rebuilding yourselves. Things that helped me in such a time.

1. Don’t drink

2. Walking

3. Eat well

4. Follow medical advice

5. Keep away from toxic people

6. Read

7. Believe in yourself

8. Don’t quit on yourself

9. Smile

10. Get proper sleep.

If you would like to talk about this in more detail feel free to email me

Always willing to chat and discuss life, and share tools I have discovered for mental health management and general living well.

Scott 😁👊

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