Bipolar and my memoir of polarity

My life long effort to control my mood often fails. Sadly, many have no clue and will remain ignorant to my challenges all their life, rightly so if they have no mental illness. Some offer advice, from a space of sound health which often comes from a place of love but often I prefer conversations not advice. Some truly offer genuine love and care, often people who may not be ill, but have lived with loved ones who have or are experiencing mental illnesses.

Does a human being who is warm ever truly understanding the man who is cold? Also does a person who has no living experiences with mental illness truly relate to the mentally ill persons. It’s an invisible condition, mostly and looks painless from the outside looking inward!

The Buddhist teachings has offered me so much in terms of letting go. Letting go of my sadness at peoples comments, attitude, stigmas, ignorance, my identity crisis, self loathing, being different and feeling unloved at times. Letting it all go, best to my abilities and focused on my spiritual practice has revolutionised my life. My simple life has connected me with me on a deep level, the consequence I am more aware of myself in terms of sensory experiences, emotional intelligence, and face reality as it is with no expectations or presupposes ideological thoughts, fantasies about how my life should be. I just accept and love myself for who I am with all my challenges and successes. Never stopping my growth and education, exercise and all the thing life giving.

We are all Brocken people, all of us have issues and all of us have the abilities to offer empathy and grace to people struggling with mental illnesses.

If we feel our way into human secrets of the sick person, the madness also reveals its system, and we recognize in the mental illness merely and exceptional reaction to emotional problems which are not strange to us.


3 thoughts on “Bipolar and my memoir of polarity

  1. Good evening, i never heard about this disease, i hear about it on words press only, some people were posting it as well, mood control can be hard to control even for people without this illness, i can’t imagine how hard it is with it.. I agree, that is important to have people who loves you and support you around you.. It is important to love yourself and i glad you do.. Always go forward, you are in the right way, i wish you from all my heart to fight it and to feel good, have a great weekend, i enjoyed my read here🎈

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