Do you suffer from boredom?

What is boredom anyway?


In conventional usage, boredom is an emotional and occasionally psychological state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, is not interested in his or her surroundings, or feels that a day or period is dull or tedious. It is also understood by scholars as a modern phenomenon which has a cultural dimension. “There is no universally accepted definition of boredom. But whatever it is, researchers argue, it is not simply another name for depression or apathy. It seems to be a specific mental state that people find unpleasant—a lack of stimulation that leaves them craving relief, with a host of behavioural, medical and social consequences.”[1] According to BBC News, boredom “…can be a dangerous and disruptive state of mind that damages your health”; 

Personally, I never suffer from this seemingly modern phenomenon. Clearly, our endless supplies of technological amusements in Australia keep most of us safe. What happens when technology fails us? Maybe our online friends have turned on us or us bloggers are losing readers, consequently, motivation too. It’s a reality these days much anxiety and stress over social media. In reality, nothing changes in our world. It’s perspective really and looking outside the box a little.

I have started a novel for example, I also have messed around with clay sculptures. Meditation of course and books are still being printed. Even sitting outside in the sun is wonderful on a good day. So many things that are life-giving that don’t include electronic devise or internet.

Having hundreds or possibly thousands of followers on WordPress means very little in the context of meaning and relaxation, and self-care in our life. Other social media, is still just 85% nonsense, and will not bring any lasting happiness or peace in your life. Getting caught up in the ” like” addiction is like chase clouds. Likewise, thinking all your book sales will come from you social media accounts is a con. I have noticed though pretty girls and handsome guys attract more likes and followers 😂

We all need to take control of our minds and look after them, balance and wholesome things are best. Technology is better at a minimum in my opinion. Yes, it should take up none of your quality time with family and friends. Looking at your phone in a restaurant is lame, also walking down the street while staring at your phone is the hight of stupidity. Texting while driving is irresponsible and ignore children just as bad.

I love writing but I know being well-known in here or social media does not make me any better at life.

The meaning of life:

The meaning of life is not how much we can horde and collect. It’s about how much we can let go of and help others. Letting go of our illusionary sense of control and power. Letting go of the idea that I, me, myself are the most important issues in life. Letting go of death anxieties and grandiose and idolised versions of self. Letting go of it all and understand today’s is the best day to enjoy our lives!

Life has no meaning other than the opportunity to create meaning, in relationships, good times and every aspect of life you can imagine.


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