Me!, really me!?

Why write a Novel instead of self-help?

I have three to four chapters completed of my self-help book and was overwhelmed with a sense that I should be writing a fictional story. The feelings of excitement and a sense of urgency have I never experienced earlier in writing. Kid you, not the excitement and creativity are wonderful. At one time I would not have given you ten cents for a novel little own write one. My first chapter has had positive feedback and a few others outside WordPress comments have been great and positive.

The things I have learnt about writing over the last couple of years.

  • My former experience in Academic writing has helped in terms of structures and research tools.
  • WordPress has helped expose me to the truth about my writing
  • The everyday practice has helped heal my ideological nonsense about fame, money and accolades.
  • I have grown to love writing so much I often forget that it might be sold as a book or people are reading my blogs.
  • Writing has become my life in terms of its the thing I enjoy doing the most.
  • Writing offers so much to me, I would never have imagined years ago.

My advice is simple, keeps writing, don’t quit on yourself if it’s a desire.

Remember, you have approximately three seconds to get the reader’s attention on your blogs.

Don’t us adds and use a premium account , speed is everything, people will dump your blog page if it’s slow. Don’t look for numbers look for quality readers. Likes mean very little. Focus on your writing not media or photos. Keep it uncomplicated to navigate too. If you have not read my first chapter it’s below 😏

Writing my first novel. Chapter one

I always live to finish my blogs with some Wisdom, here is The Buddha’s teaching about the world .

Nothing has changed…dont get caught up in security and remember to stay present.

The world is without shelter and protection. This is the first expounding of Dhamma…

The World is not one’s own; one must pass away leaving everything; this is the third expounding of Dhamma…

The world is deficient, unsatisfied, a slave of craving; this is the forth expounding of the Dhamma.

Many blessings Scott, and happy writing 😁

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