Why Listen?

My daily reflection:

People tell us all kinds of things about their lives. Often not stopping for a breather.

The inverts often sitting in silence, hoping they just banter on. The extraverts just keep enjoying their the story.

Whether we are introverted or extroverted, we can be poor listeners. The Introvert daydreams and the extrovert are forever thinking of their next sentence.

Think if we all listened and noticed what’s really happening to the other. What would the world be like if people took notice of what people say?

It only calls for words like, are you ok? For some, it’s would you like to go for a walk? Some people talk and listen better walking.

Conversations are good for us, meaning adds value to lives. When we listen, we add meaning. We tell the person we care about them. This can change a personal world view, also people need face to face conversation.

Creating the time to see someone and listen is becoming an old fashion sentiment. Nevertheless, it’s a human need that’s been neglected and has increased poor mental health.

Basic human communication needs are becoming more sidelined for text, calls, email, FB etc….

Let’s sit down and chat 😉😁☕️

The meaning of life is not how much we can horde and collect. It’s about how much we can let go of and help others. Letting go of our illusionary sense of control and power. Letting go of the idea that I, me, myself are the most important issues in life. Letting go of death anxieties and grandiose and idolised versions of self. Letting go of it all and understand today’s is the best day to enjoy our lives!

Life has no meaning other than the opportunity to create meaning, in relationships, good times and every aspect of life you can imagine.


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