True success is in the mind!

I am always fascinated with peoples ideas about success. Younger ones can have much grander ideas of course. However, I have met some elderly people full of life and still loving what they do and planning more.

For me success has been more about overcoming defeat. I have experienced some major set backs in life. Most do as we get older, but for me, it started at forty.

Some tips in recovery.

Always use your energy for the present situation. Trying to fix old mistakes is impossible mostly.

Never live in regrets, everything has its purpose. Yes, even the most awful experience teach us valuable skills.

Hitting rock bottom is hard, however, rising from their is very rewarding.

Getting old is not a problem: not looking after yourself is!

Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself.

We are made to move, exercise stops a multitude of aches and pains.

No point making comparisons between people.

Thinking is everything too. Your mind is your steering wheel, don’t leave your post. Stay sharp and guard your thoughts. The Buddha taught lots about this issue. Plenty of others do too including behaviour sciences. However, The Buddha still reigns supreme teaching how to manage our thoughts properly, in my opinion.

So, success for Scott has been many things over my fifty years. Today it’s about good management of my whole life. Yes, I see myself in terms of a pie chart.

So many aspects if us, when we work on the whole, its much slower but the rewards are much great. For example, chasing money and neglected other aspects like health, education, emotional maturity could end in premature heart failure.

We are whole beings not fragmented or dualistic like many religions teach

So a successful person is a whole person in my opinion, not just wealthy or a great lover

On Desire

You’re overjoyed if you get

what you want.

If you don’t,

you writhe,

a hunter pierced

by your own arrow, born of desire, engendering desire, desire driven.

No matter what you long for: a house, land, livestock, gold, serfs, servants, slaves,

men, women, family, (innocent things of themselves) the longing overwhelms you till troubles bear down

and suffering follows like water rushing into a leaky boat.

But if you’re mindful

you evade desire

as easily as side-

stepping a snake. You’re free of the world’s sticky


Be mindful. Abandon desire.

Bale out the boat

& reach the further shore.

A translation of Book IV of the Sutta-nipata

By Lesley Fowler Lebkowicz and Tamara Ditrich with Primoz Pecenko

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