Why write a novel?

Daily reflection.

My novel

Here is the deal…3000 words a chapter 60,000 words completion, 20 chapters minimum..maybe more.

First books often do very little and extremely difficult for new authors to get a publisher…traditional publisher.

Statistics are a very small percentage complete the book and even less get publishes.

I am powering on regardless and will complete it by Christmas. How long have I been writing?

I started writing academically in 2009. My degree was over 120,000 words in total. My postgraduate diploma including my Peter Mac certificates would have been close to 100,000.

I have been blogging for two years and have written over 50 blogs averaging 700-words equals another 40,000 words.

How to become a writer is simple write and keep writing.

People will like it and not

People look at you like your a freak when you tell them.

People will ever understand

Nobody will never believe it’s possible except authors

Nobody will encourage only be patronising.

Nobody will help

Nobody can guide you

It’s a lonely journey if you don’t like your own company and painful if don’t enjoy writing.

I love my own company, and silence, also find writing is delightful and rewarding.

So here is my journey shared with you 🙈

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