Growing up in the 70s & 80s

The post is a request from a delightful French lady in her 20s

Here are some pictures to give some context of the era. I lived in Tasmania till my late teens. The first picture of me is with my father and he’s holding my cousin. That’s a ice cream cake, very popular. He was killed in a tragic work accident when I was eight. He look like a happy fellow. I have fond memories of him although they are fading a little at 51.

The next picture is a favourite of my mine, makes my childhood look wonderful and the metal car is amazing.

The others pictures are self explanatory, I was nineteen when I joined the Navy. My BMX was the only one in the small country town I grew up in. The town had two hotels, two petrol stations, two milk bars, ( general stores) we new everyone and cars and doors where not locked. We spent most of our time camping, fishing and shooting. I grew up eating all sorts of fish and game food, including wallabies…my grandmother ground the roo into mince and made paddies.

10.5 rainbow trout, my grandfather was proud of me. Fishing was a huge part of my childhood, so was sneaking a cigarette or a can of beer. We played out side always, they never liked kids inside in those days. I had some deep cuts, however stitchers  where not the normal, just home first aid, this included pining together and bandage.

People smoked everywhere cars, buses, plains in their homes and it seemed like everyone smoked. The movie cinemas and tv advertising smoking as cool.

No Mac Donald’s, or other large take away food places. Just fish and chips, pizza and KFC. We had to eat what ever was served up, and I hade ask to leave table.

Only two Tv stations, both finishing at midnight. The hotels closed at midnight too and did not open till late in the days. Fighting and bullying was common. Favourite sports football and cricket.

No video games and I remembered when the first family I knew got a video recorder. We all Sat in his lounge room to see our first movie. People didn’t care as much about safety, for example I always has sharp Knifes, even owned a machete and guns from a very young age. Drink driving was common too.

I worked part time from about twelve and started my apprenticeship at fifteen. Education was not pushed in my family. Of course as a adult I desired to gain tertiary education. People started families much younger and it was considered normal.

People did not put much emphasis on good health and fitness. Even top athletes smoked, including doctors. Food was meat and three vegetables mostly, breakfast oats, cereals or toast. No pastors fancy cooking.

Anyway, things have changed so much, no mobile phone or internet…..funny world😂

One thought on “Growing up in the 70s & 80s

  1. Good afternoon, it is very interesting to read article about your own experience, sorry for your cousin, i like the picture with you in the car, who is ready for a ride?
    Big, fish, i like see food and fish and i barely stay home, i even do my blogging outside from phone, thank you for reaming what us life about😊

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