Loneliness or Solitude

I wrote this for fun last night because I could not sleep.

Tell me what you think 🤔

Loneliness or solitude

I have sat for hours in silence. Yes, I write and also read, however, silence has become my best friend. I have created a friend, which evolved into a faithful friendship, her name is solitude. Multitudes fear my friend and will go great lengths to avoid her. I embraced my dear friend, we have built an developed our relationship over many years, at first, I also feared her beautiful silence. Then I learned that loneliness is my inability to understand her. Solitude is my faithful teacher and she has to lead me into meditation. Meditation is misunderstood as mysterious or mystic. It has taught me to embrace my deep relationship with my friend solitude. She has offered me strength, something rich and long forgotten. She offers me confidence, I cannot obtain anywhere else.

She is always reaching out to people, always available, never lets a true seeker down. Many search for her fruit and settle for imitations. Music, chanting, dancing are not her brothers and sisters. She is unparalleled and offers the same for all who take the time to develop the relationship. The relationship is not found far away in mythical paradise it is found commonly found in your lounge rooms or in your gardens. Her teachings are not as elusive as people conceive, she is simple and always approachable. You can meet her any day with concentration and patients. Fear is the biggest obstacle, fear tells us she took away everything. Our popularity, our very lives, however, She is so gentle and always welcoming. Fear tells us to beware of her at all cost, consequently, the noise has more value and music rains supreme.

She is in the deepest part of our being and avoiding her is like avoiding death itself. It’s always on the horizon and as the crack in a mug, one day it breaks apart. We can never truly run from her, as we can never avoid death. If we don’t become acquainted, or get lost in loneliness, we may visit death first. She is our guardian, our very own Savior. There is a place in our heart we cannot discover without her help. This place is our fortress, our true safe house. We must learn to look for refuge in this house. It’s eternal and our ultimate place of rest. Rest is our elixir of life, meditation in solitude offers a peace unavailable with fear. Fear of her is ego and ends in the loneliness that never embraced her. Death anxiety and fear of her are parallel, they both offer a beautiful peace that ego will never grasp.

She is the most beautiful home on earth and comes with no monetary value. Her eternal value is infinite. Her lessons echo throughout eternity. Her learning techniques span hundreds of lifetimes. She provides more than the imagination can fathom. Her value to the lonely is often misunderstood and dreaded. The lonely are like people, who think darkness is real. She has been our greatest teacher. Genuine love is taught by her, she offers safe passage to find out who we really are. Understanding ourselves begins with her, running from her is running from your true love. All meaningful life begins with her and often life ends with her. She comes to people at inappropriate times. Times of sorrow, times of heartache, times of despair. These are the times she needs to be embraced, these are the times she offers the most. Her classroom can be tough, her lessons run deep into our existence. If we possess the courage to sit with her and not let loneliness speak louder. We grow.

The growth she offers is timeless and often beyond conceptualization. It’s deep inside us, so deep we wonder how it happened. We are certain that its new strength, a strength the world cannot provide. It is with us for life. Every time we decide to journey with her we grow stronger in the knowledge that we are more than emotional beings. We are spiritual and possess things inside only she can release. Nevertheless, her strength offers us emotional intelligence we may never have thought possible. We discover things about our mind and hearts that no textbook can offer. Her education is forged from life like the precious metals are in heat to remove foreign matter. Our minds are purified and hearts exposed. We see our hearts true motive, thanks to her. The heart can be the most deception, however, she clears our spiritual eyes.

You can spot a person who spends time with her intimately because you know her well. Her signs are peace, love, and particularly patients. Once you know her well you understand these things are never achieved without her. You know her work in others, this is impossible to fabricate to a person who truly knows her intimately. The intimacy you gain from her opens your eye to the truth about reality. The truth about people, and the truth about love. You are different and people sense you beat to your own tune. People crave your company and often expect more time than is available for them. You must not forget your faithful ally and often withdraw for weeks at a time to stay well acquainted, you understand she is your true friend. The only reliable friend you will have at death.

© 2019 Scott R Wilson All Rights Reserved

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