I turn 51 Today, and what have I learnt?

Reflecting on being fifty-one years old.

Today is my birthday and it’s great getting older, so many wonderful experiences and so many not so wonderful.

Only this week I witnessed stage four cancer that resulted in death only two weeks after diagnosis. Thankfully, the lady was seventy-one and had no death anxiety at all. She reflected on her positives and was grateful.

So, many younger people lose their lives to illness. So many also to carelessness and recklessness. Life is a precious gift to be valued and appreciated, respected and something to celebrate.

I am grateful for my life even my dark days have offered me something. The painful emotional experiences seem the hardest for all of us. However, we grow through them. My bipolar disorder has caused plenty of suffering and upsets but it too has offered me some wonderful learning and insights to assist others.

Reflecting on my writing and how it has evolved over the last few years always inspires me. What started as academic studies, then blogging and now I am enjoying writing my first novel. So privileged to have space and time to do this work. Often people far more gifted than me never get the space or time to write.

My health regardless of my troubling aspects is good, and I am devoted to wellness and clean living. I am thankful I have no addictions and no debts.. .I live a simple life, I love simple things like meditation, walking, reading and writing. Simple living, quiet times to reflect and good night sleep are harder to achieve that people are inclined to admit

I don’t have a large social circle of friends and would consider myself more introverted as I have aged. My lifestyle choices, do seem a bit unusual for many. I would not consider myself a religious person. However, my fascination with spirituality, especially Buddhism in the last couple of years may be considered religious by some.

I love wisdom literature and a favorite quote below.

It is like a man separated from light by a wall and who cannot touch his wall without making it higher and higher, but a day comes when all the absurd efforts that have built up the wall to such a height that it becomes unsteady and collapse suddenly, a catastrophe that is final and triumphant, and which leaves the man bathed in the light.

Herbert Benoit

Anyway, thank you all for reading my blogs.

blessings Scott

4 thoughts on “I turn 51 Today, and what have I learnt?

  1. Nice to know about you Scott. I also believe that we should always count on our blessings and be grateful for what we have. Introvert, extrovert, religious, not religious doesn’t matter if one is good at heart.

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