Tea, bone china and tea cups

I love different types of teas, my everyday tea is Rooibos.


The other fact about me I love a traditional teacup, also if I am not on my own teapot. That was my morning tea this morning. Homemade date loaf, delicious, and filling. I like a coffee in the morning but I always have a Rooibos first. I only drink black tea and coffee at home. If I go out I might get a soy latte, depending. Often unknown baristas I ask for a short black.

I also have a cup of organic decaf coffee at night sometimes. The teacups at home are bone china, I like thin cups because the tea stays hotter. I normally drink a bottle of each day Kombucha Tea.


I never drink alcohol or sodas, cordials. The last drink at night is chia tea in soy milk. Water is my main source of hydration.

My favourite tea is Rooibos.

Tell me yours?

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