Writing and the conundrum of never knowing!

One of my pleasures in life is reading a good book. Consequently, it stands to reason, considering the amount of writing I have done too in the last ten years. I would get great pleasure writing a book of my own. Imagine giving people the same pleasure I have been privileged to enjoy over the years. It’s a wonderful life-giving experience reading a great book. I love helping people with self-care, and I consider reading self care. I am dedicated to well being and good spiritual practice. I have read a lot of nonfiction and wisdom literature. I have enjoyed a few fictional stories over the years. So go figure me writing a fictional novel, favouring nonfiction.

What’s it about?

Not surprising it has supernatural themes, erotica, romance, betrayal, mental health struggles and friendship.

It will be at least 70,000 words once completed. This is the irony of writing, publishers like finished Manuscripts. You need to finish it to ever know if someone will enjoy it as much as I have in writing it. You write never really knowing, not that it bothers me because it’s so much fun writing. The creativity and not worrying about backing up what I am saying with quotes and avoiding affirmations is refreshing. My imagination mixed with all my studies and life experiences is creating a fascinating story that has been unfolding before my eyes. Yes, unfolding, sometimes it just makes perfect sense as I write. I have not sat down and meticulously planned the whole thing out.

I am in the middle of chapter eight and still have plenty of story in me, often if I get a little lazy. I only need to edit a current chapter and away I go again with fresh inspiration and more of my book unfolds. It’s a beautiful thing, something I never thought could offer so much pleasure.

I guess many might write to chase fame and wealth. I don’t need either, of course, money makes the works go round and I think selling a book is far better than giving it away. Giving things away only breeds suspicion and people are more inclined to give books more of a chance if it cost them something. Also, I hope publishing companies filter out all the trash and maybe society gets better quality of literature. Free book offers always have an ulterior motive, we all know it.

So, it’s about the journey in life right? I am thoroughly enjoying my writing journey. It’s an ongoing editing process, that I am committed to fully editing a chapter before starting the next. Still, I can find errors occasionally when reading over the whole thing again. I will do my best until a professional editor goes over it. I am writing and editing one and sometimes two chapters a week comfortably. Still blogging and attending to my social media commitments. I can not read a book though, reading books is in hold till I finish mine.

Happy writing, blogging and blessings Scott

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