Do You Just Run Up and Down The Bank?

Daily reflection:

‘Few among men are those who cross to the farther shore. The rest, the bulk of men, only run up and down the hither bank. ‘

Dhp VI PTS: Dhp 76-89

Panditavagga: The Wise

translated from the Pali by

Acharya Buddharakkhit

Everyone complains about work and their lives at some point. I don’t meet many who thoroughly enjoy their job and their lives. I am guilty as anyone over the years.

Once you listen to a few, you started to hear a pattern. The truth is they have invested so much into something they are too scared to move. Highly logical and rightly so, however, not at the expense of ignoring who you truly are.

Furthermore, the old Buddhist saying above sums it up. Many ’ only run up and down the bank.”

Consequently, these very same people( me at times too) who criticise people who have the courage “to cross to the further shore”

They use common comments. (me included )

  • You need to have a stable job.
  • You have lived here you’re whole life, moving would be disastrous.
  • Leaving a job after tens of years is crazy.
  • You can not quit on a twenty-year marriage.
  • You can not work for yourself it too risky
  • For me….you cannot write a book, to many books already

The list goes on.

The truth we can do what want!!! ( legally )

Life has not schematic only socially engineered ideological, philosophical, and political driven ideas on how to live. Monkey sees monkey do…

If you do the same thing and expect different results it is insanity. We are not trees, we can move, we are not animals we don’t live on instinct alone. We are creative and industrious, highly intelligent and compassionate beings.

We can ”cross to the father shore”


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