Do qualifications and status equate to better morality?

Fascinating documentaries

Confessions with a killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes Einsatzgrupoen The Nazi Death Squads

Watched these two documentaries on Netflix recently. I’ve discovered something that really surprised me. If you are impressed with degrees and PhDs, know this, Ted Bundy one of America’s worst serial Killers, received a degree in psychology and also studied law. Germany during the war committed unthinkable crimes against humanity. The officers supervising and organising the mass killing of the Jewish people and gypsies had degrees, and PhDs, one of the chief officers who was convicted of war crimes, and hung had two PhDs.

Hence next time our ideology about morality improving with education and status, think again!

Being a kind and caring person is a choice, nothing more.

All the teaching, including religious teaching, doesn’t guarantee anything. Ted Bundy went to church every Sunday growing up and while he was killing he was a member of the Mormon Church.

So my point is we need to be careful at what we put our hope in. Education changes lives, I know it’s changed mine. It too can assist people getting out of poverty. What it cannot do is guarantee good persons, so whether a person is cleaning your office toilet or the CEO don’t thing one is better than the other on status or face value.

This is why the the fundamental teaching of the Buddha has helped me tremendously.

‘The world is without shelter and protection. This is the first expounding of Dhamma…The World is not one’s own; one must pass away leaving everything; this is the third expounding of Dhamma… The world is deficient, unsatisfied, a slave of craving; this is the forth expounding of the Dhamma.’

Do qualifications and status equate to better morality? NO

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