We dont have to be the same!

Daily Reflections

If you are like me, we look at the world a times and wonder what’s happening to the planet and people.

The world is not getting more civilised, wars, crime and the poor being exploited has been happening as long as I can remember, and if you study history a lot longer.

The Buddha was walking the earth 2500 years ago. He lived into his 80s and taught for over 45 years. Here is what he said about the world.

  • ‘The world is without shelter and protection. This is the first expounding of Dhamma…
  • The World is not one’s own; one must pass away leaving everything; this is the third expounding of Dhamma…
  • The world is deficient, unsatisfied, a slave of craving; this is the forth expounding of the Dhamma.’

Dhamma means basically teaching of the Buddha, it’s a Pali word.

People really are slaves to craving and always unsatisfied…I listen to people talk.

Nothing has changed excepted the scenery, which gets decimated mostly by pollution. The technologies are causing more harm than good generally speaking.

So what can we do? We can choose to be different, we can look after the planet.

We can be positive and friendly.

We can put our phones away when talking with friends and family.

We can live a minimalist lifestyle.

We can help worthy causes financially.

We can meditate and look after our bodies.

We can be kind to all living things.

We can share.

We can help our neighbours.

We can be honest.

We don’t have to give up and follow the crowd.

We can liberate ourselves from the nonsense.

The simple things that help me.

  • Reading, often if I am overwhelmed with the state of the world I can read something wholesome and it changes the mindset.
  • Walking has a profound way of cheering me up too.
  • Sitting on my meditation cushion, not necessarily meditating, helps me tremendously some days.
  • Educational documentary on Netflix
  • Coffee and tea.
  • Gym
  • Writing

You will have your own things. Please share them. I would love to hear about them. Also feel free to add comments about what you think is happening to the world and how you feel about it.

Our potential is limitless and invariably, most of us only tap into a small piece of the vastness. Imagine if all of us seen beyond cultural norms, family traditions, religions and scientific imposed limitations. Imagine if we see ourselves fully?

Scott πŸ™

2 thoughts on “We dont have to be the same!

  1. Hi Scott. I enjoyed reading your blog. I’m about to go for a quick bush walk with one of my dogs. Some days I have the need to go on my own… 😊… It’s sunny in Tassie at the moment… πŸ˜‰…. So I am feeling grateful and motivation comes easier on these kinds of days…
    Have a happy day.

    Liked by 1 person

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