The modern world and its attention seeking. Are you one?

I thoroughly enjoy sitting around, with a close friend, drinking tea and enjoy a treat of some kind. My favourites are homemade date loaf or warm chocolate muffins with coconut ice cream completely guilt free.

We live in a world where beauty is everything to some. I am not one of those people, I like people for whom they are not what they look like. I also don’t lose any sleep, about not having abbs or the perfect body.

A pretty face does not impress me either, or smooth talkers. Education and status are not how I decided if like or trust a person. My opinions on people remain as objective as possible until I really get to know them. I try not to be suspicious of them, holding no preconceived thoughts based on other people’s views too. This includes people who others might admire, even follow. I make up my own mind on such things over a considerable amount of time.

Brings me to an important point about blogging. I am not the guy, that if you like my posts I will like yours. I do not have the time to read everyone’s posts. The ones I do like are genuine likes based on the quality of writing, structure, content and how helpful I considered it to be for me and the community.

Most of my time is consumed writing my novel, blogging is something I do when I am resting or get inspired to share an inspirational though, mostly based on life experience or something I just read. I am not looking to increase my likes here. My goal is authenticity, to engage with quality writers and people whose consciousness is different from the masses.

Finally I am extremely friendly and compassionate once you get to know me. However, it takes a while to do this and I am not about recruiting friends. So my advice if you are following my blog looking for me to I like your blogs, know this, if I do like it, you can be sure I read and enjoy it. I considered it exceptionally we written.

‘Search not for the truth ; only cease to cherish opinions.’

Herbert Benoit

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