The humble walk!

Walking is a highly underrated exercise, most people race down to the gym for all their exercise. I like my gym training but it’s far more beneficial walking in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine.

I always get three to four walks in every week and have done for over a decade. Minimum one hour, maximum two. I have two degenerative lower discs and walking makes a world of difference to my spinal health.

Buddhists monastic’s do what’s called walking meditation. We don’t have to be a monastic to walk and be mindful of each step and focus on our breathing. It’s a great idea for all of us to learn to relax on our walks.

No point walking and talking on our phones, also, if we are in nature leave the headphones home.

One highly beneficial thing to do on our walks is to observe what’s happening in nature, let go of our worries and just check out the birds maybe. Above was me this morning enjoying the coast. For me, the smell of the ocean and its sounds are extremely relaxing.

Often I have noticed we all think we need to do radical things to improve combat stress or reduce our weight. Seeing people with perfectly shaped bodies in movies or on some diet plan promise add is of no use. Our best approach is to be happy with ourselves and make some small changes to help us improve our overall health of months and years, not crazy 12-week challenges or radical diets. Good health is more than just being skinny.

Finally, walking with someone else can be fun, enjoying the conversations and nature together. I love walking and its not just for older people. Whatever age you are it’s highly beneficial and one of the best things you can do for ourselves. Please share some pictures of your walks in the comments, thanks Scott

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