What is unplugging in reality?

For me it’s not a resort or some Cruise. Since I don’t drink, booze offers nothing. The idea of staying in hotels has no appeal at all. Many who love city life would enjoy things I don’t. I don’t like cities. I can do a day trips but feel completely drained after the experience.

Bushwalking and hiking are at the top of my list. Sleeping in the bush in a tent in a remote location is my favourite. Unplugging from society is difficult because of the dense population. Some people are happy to sit in a large parks.We need to figure out what we need. It’s vital to understand what recharges us.

We cannot keep going week in week out with flat batteries. Flat batteries can destroy relationships and have negative consequences on health. We all know this!

What we forget about is tolerance…we build up a tolerance to stress and busyness. This raises our baseline. People appear unaffected living in unchecked lifestyles, (sometimes) and its complications.

The truth is rust works the same. Small bubbles appear, then neglected. The car is already full of rust. We can get enslaved…and it articulated well below.

‘When the heart is a slave to its moods and defilements — greed, aversion, and delusion — it’s like being a slave to poor people, troublemakers, and crooks, all of whom are people we shouldn’t be enslaved to. The “poor people” here are greed: hunger, desire, never having enough. This feeling of “not enough” is what it means to be poor. As for aversion, this doesn’t necessarily mean out-and-out anger. It also means being grumpy or in a bad mood. If anyone annoys us or does something displeasing, we get irritated and resentful. This is called being a slave to troublemakers.Delusion means seeing good as evil or evil as good, right as wrong or wrong as right, thinking you’re good when you’re evil, or evil when you’re good. This is called being a slave to crooks.’ Food for Thought

by Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

You dont need money to find your place to relax and unplug. That’s the biggest myth that’s being peddled in Australia today. In a wealthy country like Australia, you see advertising everywhere about the luxury holiday. It’s great to enjoy a wonderful holiday, but don’t wait for luxury. Why you save your burning out. So have mini breaks while you save. The worst is going into debt to relax.

Finally, put plans in place. For example, every change of season I unplug and recharge my batteries for a week. However, this looks for you. Whatever you do remember, you are going to be better for it! Our relationships, work and wellbeing rely on us to use wisdom.

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