A world full of entertainment and too lazy to read!

When I was a kid, I was so busy doing outdoor activities I never read anything. The only reading was the occasional fishing magazine my grandfather offered. It never occurred to me the learning reading offered.

I was about twenty-six years old when I became fond of reading. Of all things, the Christian Protestant bible appealed to me. Then it led to all sorts of books, mostly non- fiction. Of course, the pressure of a young family and making ends meet made reading a luxury in my earlier thirties.

When I was in my forty, I decided to do a degree, and this opened up new learning and reading. I was getting passionate about reading in my mid-forties. Still spent most of my time in non-fiction. My tertiary education continued into postgraduate qualifications and my love for writing began to evolve.

I recognise many are hooked on media and possibly overlook how wonderful reading is. I limit the pictures and videos on my blog. I prefer to entice readers. I am not here to entertain people who neglect reading. People who say to me they don’t like reading, makes me question how they learn. They must discover things through documentaries and Ted talks…etc. which is reasonable but not the same. Perhaps they have no concentration on learning.

I have readers on my blog. People who love to read and write. I like sharing my thoughts on deeper issues with you guys. I like to read your thoughts on deeper issues. Deep in terms of human conditions. We all are unique, and reading does is not a measure of intelligence. It is a good sign the person likes to use their mind though. I think reading is helpful for everyone. I love discussions too.

I am persuaded media is not helpful for everyone. The levels of anxiety today points to a problem with media overload. I am convinced if people turned off all devices and sat and read a good book instead, they would feel better. I know from experience how relaxing a good book is, and thought-provoking. The imagination books invoke are phenomenal. Reading one book can change your whole life. I know inspirational speaking can too. The difference is retention. Writing things down helps too but the book is always a better recourse in my opinion.

Reading is the beginning of wisdom, I think. It’s how I realised I know nothing. It how I learnt to understand myself better. It’s a key to modern and ancient knowledge that vital in human evolution. The fact that we need constant entertainment might be a sign that humanity is lost or forgetting its foundation.

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