A wonderful Buddhist post!

I spotted this and it resonated with me. I thought you might find it useful too.

‘The conceptual mind might say: “I can’t do it, it’s too hard for me”. But that’s the talk of the ego getting scared, the talk of Mara, who is on the defensive, rattled by our progress on the path to Nibbana. Instead of believing in the conceptual mind, the mind of Mara, one trusts the word of the Buddha and the advice of the Noble Disciples. One puts aside those conceptional doubts, lets them go, and pushes them away. One goes beyond them, and finds that the Buddha was wise and enlightened: he did teach the Dhamma., and that Dhamma.works. This is especially clear when the mind becomes peaceful.

Push out the conceptual mind and arouse the mind of faith. Let go. Let go of the ordering, the assessing of the situation, and the thinking of what to do next. Let the Dhamma. take over; and let natural course of the practise take over. If you have been practicing virtue, sense restraint, and mindfulness, you have the basis for concentration; so let go and let concentration happen. Allow the mind just to concentrate, to revert to what we might call its natural state — the seeking of satisfaction and comfort within itself rather than outside.

The mind then becomes self sufficient, self comforting, and self sustaining, so that the door from the mind to the five external sense is cut off, and the mind does not go out to the five senses. Instead it remains immersed in itself, in a radiant joy. One experiences this, one delights in it, and it is wise and good to delight in it. One has faith in the Buddha, who said that this is a delight has no underlying tendencies of craving and lust.’

Source: In The Presence of Nibbana


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