Choice, do we really get a choice?

I hear people say all the time they made their choice?

They made those choices and they are in trouble because or successful because, “choices”

As you get older, well as I have got older. I have contemplated this idea of choice for some years now. It does not sit well with me when people make judgments like. “ It’s their fault for those bad choices!” I understand on a basic it level this sounds logical and holds some truth. I.e. bad business management equals bankruptcy. Maybe? Let’s consider this statement.

Socioeconomics, geographic, culture, religion, education and mental health or health in general play a part in our choices. We are not robots that function on pure logic we have emotions and ideals and presuppositions. There are infinite things coming into play when we make a choice. So how much of this “choice” has a person actually got in terms of good outcomes with logical consequences?

For example, a person growing up in a poor working-class family generally speaking is not taught how to manage wealth. So back to my example, “bad business management equals bankruptcy” this might be a case of education not bad “choices.” The choice may have been sound considering the individual products and sales expertise.

More personal “choice,” why did so and so marry that drop kick or lazy so and so?

People are presented with choices but it’s based on their understanding and perceptions of the world. We are all broken and make decisions from a place of brokenness and often undereducated and misinformed ones based on ignorance.

All too often we choose what’s familiar even if its broken and dysfunctional. I am not a phycologist but you can find plenty of research around this subject.

What I am suggesting is the only place we can control is in our minds with training. This is the only place we can develop a “choice” of calm with certainty. The “choice,” to remain calm is possible. The “choice” to relax and meditate is possible. We have to ability to always make this “choice” in life and it’s not dependent on external circumstances.

I understand your thinking Scott, my mind is a mess and always has been and my mother/father was the same. We don’t sleep and we are born worriers. It runs in the family!

Yes, maybe so but you mind is yours and what it does is certainly your choice. You need to take ownership of this one. You cannot help you birth place or some of the other variables I mentioned. You have to take responsibility for your mind thoughts. We all are responsible for our thoughts.

How do I do this. Simple day by day. Step by step. Be more aware of what you are thinking and don’t entertain thoughts that are counterproductive. It’s an exercise like walking the more you do it the easier it gets. Sitting still and quiet is a great exercise too. What do you put into your mind? Use discretion, your mind is precious and needs good care.

Let’s not make harsh judgments on each other failures. We are all conditioned in many ways and things are not that black and white.

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