Understanding ourselves better.

Often we are not mindful and get lost in tasks and life. We are just like robots mindlessly going through the motions.

Ajahn Thiradhammo…talks here about unskilful habits.

The first thing in understanding ourselves better is to spend time on our own. Not just daydreaming out a window or sleeping. As much as its nice to do at times. We need to concentrate and look at where we are honestly. Meditation is extremely helpful in this and I practice it daily.

Ajahn Thiradhammo…

Being busy is not the issue it’s a mindless business and delusional thoughts and the common trap we can only relax and feel good on holidays or weekends.

We can relax anywhere if we train our minds. Our minds steer our lives. We are responsible for our response and actions. We can improve our lives by improving our thoughts and calming our minds. The mind will respond well to our efforts and life will make more sense and our health will improve.

Having a ridged view is counterproductive and departmental to our spiritual growth…

Ajahn Thiradhammo…

Finally remember you have the ability to change you life through your thoughts. The quality of your thoughts will dictate the quality of your life. It a daily practice and a life’s work.

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