Understanding our hearts better.

What people don’t say often is your heart can deceive you! Yes, if your mind is all over the shop your decision making, even from your heart, or in other words your spiritual centre for many, is still going to be compromised. You can only understand the true motivations of your heart with a clear mind. Like my grandparents advice, “you should sleep on that, and make your decisions more clearly in the morning!” Where our minds go we go, and the feelings in our hearts, often interpreted as spiritual, are about as reliable as getting a good night’s sleep! You know I love reading and studying. Don’t misinterpret me, I am not advocating, don’t trust gut feeling, or emotionally driven heart feeling, I am highlighting the dangers of thinking it’s a reliable, infallible source for direction in our lives.

We can only settle our minds. its a hectic busy and complicated existence today. So many things pulling us away from silence and true wisdom. We can make time to simplify and organise ourself better to manage selfcare. It’s vital to gather our thoughts from a space of peace. We create this space and we are responsible for our response to unpleasant circumstances. Life is not about fair or unfair it’s about our attitude and reactions.

‘If you really see uncertainty clearly, you will see that which is certain. The certainty is that things must inevitably be uncertain and that they cannot be otherwise. Do you understand? Knowing just this much, you can know the Buddha, you can rightly do reverence to him. Any speech which ignores uncertainty is not the speech of a sage.’

– Ajahn Chah

(Ajahn Chah)

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