Are we really happy, or are we delusional?

Happiness, people chase it, crave it and some spend a lifetime to trying to work it out. It’s the one thing in life that everyone wants. Some use alcohol and drugs in trying to find it. ‘For example, if you’re addicted to alcohol, it’s not because you feel that the alcohol has any inherent existence. It’s because, in your calculation, the immediate pleasure derived from the alcohol outweighs the long-term damage it’s doing to your life. This is a general principle: attachment and addiction are not metaphysical problems. They’re tactical ones. We’re attached to things and actions, not because of what we think they are, but because of what we think they can do for our happiness. If we keep overestimating the pleasure and underestimating the pain they bring, we stay attached to them regardless of what, in an ultimate sense, we understand them to be. ‘ The integrity of Emptiness by Thanissaro Bhikkhu © 2006–2013 If you ask people what they most want in

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