Monastic life and modern life’s Christmas mayhem.

Here I am again for my second stay in a Theravaden Forest Buddhist monastery here in Victoria, Australia Monastery Monastic Precepts Any monastic that stays at monastery is required to adhere to the appropriate precepts for their type of ordination. The accepted standards at monastery conform to what is found in both Bhikkhu (monk) and … Continue reading Monastic life and modern life’s Christmas mayhem.

My Forest Monastery experience.

I stayed with 8 nuns and one monk. I made friends with a layperson who is similar age. He is a fascinating guy. He has been living in Monasteries for 18 years and I have never met a person with such a deep spirituality. The male quarters are separated and talking to nuns on their … Continue reading My Forest Monastery experience.

Buddhist monastery and time to reflect.

Most of you know that I have been an avid student of Buddhist teaching lately. I have been reading from all different traditions. Theravāda ( linked to the“Hīnayāna”/ “Southern” school) Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, CambodiaTexts in PalEast Asian tradition (Mahāyāna) (“Eastern”)China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam Texts in ChinesTibetan tradition (Vajrayāna) (“Northern”)Tibet, Mongolia, NepalTexts in Tibetan (and Mongolian) … Continue reading Buddhist monastery and time to reflect.