Pausing may just change your whole life

The more the metropolitan areas grow the harder it is for the average family to enjoy some quiet time. This is also true with the frantic pace that most occupations have to deal with in our modern world. What do we do when we seems like its impossible to get some quiet time to read, meditate or even get a good sleep… Perhaps it might be our perception and unrealistic expectations or even overdeveloped bad habits. Don’t get me wrong I like peace and quiet as much as the next guy, possibly more as I have aged. Consider this article below… P.38,39,40 The Power of Mindfulness Ven. Nyanaponika Thera ‘Under the influence of pausing for bare attention, the average rhythm of our everyday actions, speech and thoughts will also become more quiet and peace- ful. Slowing down the hurried rhythm of life means that thoughts, feelings, and perceptions will be able to complete the entire length of their natural lifetime.

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Comfortable with uncertainty.

When we are out of touch with our awareness of uncertainty, needless stress and suffering can occur. Take, for instance, the way it feels to express some view that we later learn is wrong. If we ask ourselves what it feels like when we express something wrong, we might say it feels awful, embarrassing, or uncomfortable. But actually, that is not really true. At the time that we are speaking, if we don’t know that we are wrong, then it feels just the same as when we are right because at the point we think we are correct and believe that we have said is true. As soon as we learn of our mistake, however, we likely will feel embarrassed – but only if at the time we expressed our view, we hadn’t been open to the real possibility that our view might be wrong in the first place. Luand Por Pasanno I am sure you as the reader you

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The balanced life, the ”Middle Way”

’They are basically two desires in the mind: one is the desire to get something, which has the energy of moving forward; the other is the desire to get rid of something, not wanting to deal with it, which has the energy of pushing away. ’ Luang Por Pasanno For you reader unfamiliar with the ”Middle Way” train of thought. It’s Buddhist teaching, principal and certainly an ideal they aspire to live too. Good old Wiki will help you get a basic understanding A simple schematic of the Dharma (Buddha’s teaching ) below and you will see the self-developed path or traditional named Eightfold Path. How does this middle way look for the average person? Well, I am your average Australia guy, generally speaking. So, it’s about not living and voicing extremely unbalanced opinions. Consequently, continuously wanting things and running away from tough decisions. Maybe that troubled job or relationship has been pushed back in the to hard basket.

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My Second Iconic Hike.

The Southern Loop at Wilsons Promontory I completed the hike in four days and it is 60 kilometres. After my first 100 kilometre hike in February this year on the Great Ocean Walk I learned a lot and changed my equipment and Worked hard on my fitness. This time being over ten kilograms less in body weight and dumping 7 -8 kilograms less in my pack the experience was totally different. The pack in the picture below is Aarn!page-4/cfvg Not trying to sell this pack. However, it is awesome in my opinion, the pockets at the front balance things and allowed me to carry 4 litres of water easily. Also, my daily snacks where accessible. I have L4 & L5 degenerative discs but thanks to my ongoing strength training and great posture and dedication to well being I can participate and achieve such physical challenges. In terms, of mental health and sleeping in the bush, plus physical exercise

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”The wise are neither elated nor depressed.”

My moods are the cause of all my confusion predominantly. Now I am older its more of a clearer picture in terms of metaphorically a passing storm. The weather is historically unpredictable even with modern technology they can still get it wrong. However, they are a great guide and thankful have a higher degree of accuracy these days. Mental health for me is much like modern weather predictions. I am great mostly and normally well prepared if a storm is approaching. Things, like talking and listening, are great mental health self-care strategies in raising awareness to notice red flags. The conundrum of missing an approaching storm can leave me confused and suffering from a multitude of unpleasant feeling. Then there is the cleanup lessons and things learnt from the stormy conditions. My best strategy is to be well prepared and strong way before the approaching storm hits. This not only drastically reduce the impact but speeds recovery. I understand in

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Physical training and wholeness.

I am back in the gym doing some strength training. I have been for the last month going three days a week. I also walk on my favourite coastal track that is about 11 kilometres at least 2 times a week. I am in training now for a up coming 60 kilometres hike, graded at 3. It’s going to be 3 nights and 4 days. So last Saturday I loaded my pack up 13 kilograms and walked 21 kilometres along track, beach and stairs. I often talk about spirituality and it benefits. I also think nutritional food is vital. Maintaining all of our being not just things that sound more spiritual like meditation and praying. All to often clergy are neglecting there health. Monks and nuns also in monastery settings can become sedentary – (of a person tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive.) I have witnessed this in all walks of life and fallen for the same conditions

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Dealing with crisis and emotional pain.

Having bipolar and recovering PTSD in a personal crisis is extremely difficult. I recently suffered a relationship loss of a significant family member. This was to much for me to deal with and my mental heath was impacted so much I ended up in a Private Mental health facility as you know if you follower my blogs. This blog is how I have dealt with a life crisis. It feels and appears like I am in complete darkness and feel extremely fragile. I walk and exercise in the gym as much as possible. I also read and meditate when I am up to it. I do not take any non prescribed substances. 1. Sleep is crucial and feels like it’s impossible to do. 2. Eating becomes difficult and the though of food has no appeal. 3 Social outings are avoided and people are best avoided if possible. 4. Rational thoughts are not easily achievable racing thought are the normal. So,

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How do we treat and think about our selves?

I have had extra time lately and have been reading more. I love reading and see it as a privilege to live in such a time with so much available. Some say we are bogged down in data and so many ebooks. However,  I think it’s fascinating that people still come up with new books and research. I personally think it’s important to keep learning and always stay open to new ideas and listen to other views even if it’s ” Not you’re cup of tea ” really. I am not rationalising or subscribing to a craving for knowledge. I am articulating the importance of never thinking we have learned enough. I am turning 50 in a few days and I have spent my forties studying mostly. This has come at a financial cost and also has limited my earning capacity. Still, I am grateful and appreciative for all my opportunities to improve my education and thankful for the lessons

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Do you have great compassion for yourself and others?

“Loving kindness see being equally and identifies with their happiness and their unhappiness. It has great compassion to remove their unhappiness and great love to bring more happiness.” – Thubten Cyatso I have lots of PDFs and Ebook publications from Buddhist writings. I acquired all this wonderful resource while doing the first unit of my MA in Applied Buddhism. I have felt a bit flat the last day or so and I decided to read some of this literature. This reading which started a 5am this morning inspired this blog. What do you do when life is getting tough or things are confusing? Thubten Cyasto – ‘The path of wisdom the opposite of confusion of not knowing reality. The wisdom sees conditions as things are impermanent, that they change moment by moment. Since birth, we have in our minds the misconception that we are permanent, that we will last forever. ‘ This misconception is devasting to many of us, including me. The clinging to things

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Why fear pharmaceuticals for our mental health?

I am forty-nine and was diagnosed as most know with Bipolar disorder when I was thirty-nine. When I first was told by a lovely middle aged pshcologisits. I was surprised how she broke the news to me. I must have had about six or seven one hour sessions with her. Before I get to the how you may wonder why I saw her in the first place? Well, back then I had a couple of beers, I am a non-drinker these days due to adverse effect with my mental illness and medications. I had a small amount of beer and woke up feeling like my nervous system was not right that simple; of course, there was a feeling of high elevation and pressed speech before this but I put that down to work pressure. However, I had no business or job to blame because of other unfortunate circumstances. So, I wondered what might be wrong with me and in Australia, the government

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