The importance of media I believe in a world of dishonesty. We need to show our readers our real selves. NO fake photo shop or old profile pictures. :))

What is unplugging in reality?

For me it’s not a resort or some Cruise. Since I don’t drink, booze offers nothing. The idea of staying in hotels has no appeal at all. Many who love city life would enjoy things I don’t. I don’t like cities. I can do a day trips but feel completely drained after the experience. Bushwalking … Continue reading What is unplugging in reality?

About Scott

Liberation and freedom are things all humans desire. This is particularly true in context of spirituality. In my experiences, with religions, organisations and even educational settings. I found myself lost in systems of belief or culture norms. My aim as a writer is to discuss possibilities beyond these parameters. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and … Continue reading About Scott

Are we really happy, or are we delusional?

Happiness, people chase it, crave it and some spend a lifetime to trying to work it out. It's the one thing in life that everyone wants. Some use alcohol and drugs in trying to find it. 'For example, if you're addicted to alcohol, it's not because you feel that the alcohol has any inherent existence. … Continue reading Are we really happy, or are we delusional?

To care we must listen, to listen we must accept

We cannot care for others and neglect ourselves!